NEW LOCATION !!! Come See us!

BIG BIG NEWS!!! This is it. We are Moving. Thanks to local support we can expand (X4!) and offer all the items we didn't have before. Now you can touch the item you want and get a feel for the layout of your new kitchen. We are about to sign a lease for the old Boater's World (R) Space. This is the space next to Benny's on Kingstown Rd in Wakefield. It is a huge undertaking and I trust I can count on my crew and friends to pull this off. We may be 'discombobulated' for a short time so please bear with us. But in the end we will be the largest appliance showroom in southern RI. Yes, bigger than Sears, HD or Lowes. So if we didn't have it before we will soon! It may take a short while for us to get there but we will. There will be a number of new items and displays. You can speed that along by coming by and seeing what is in store. So, by Memorial Day look for the banner (soon to be a nice sign). at 684 Kingstown Rd, across from 'Store 4'. We're filling out the space as we go. Come on down and see. We ARE the local team that gives the local service. Thank you for your support.

Visit Us: 446A Main St, Wakefield, RI 02879
Call Us: 401 284-4108

Not the Biggest, Just the Best!

Get clout like a Mayor with Service from your Neighbor.

Aren't you tired of the big box store impersonalness (not a word, but should it be?)? Get your personable, and personal delivery and service at your LOCAL store, on Main St in Wakefield. Call us, we can help.