So Spring is here, think positive

If your not busy gathering 2 animals of every species, now is the time to think about getting our houses in order. Wow that sounds like a hidden meaning. But I really mean is we want to be ready for the really good weather when it comes so we can enjoy it. Whether it is having that first cookout or barbecue, or having guests over to see your new kitchen appliances. There is still some good values out there as the "show" season winds down. We are the ones that will find that value and get you the very best appliances to fit your needs. You may not see that appliance here on this website, but we can get it. It is very hard to keep up with all the changes. We would rather put our efforts into working with customers to answer their questions and concerns. What does 'good service' mean to you? To us it is the hallmark of our efforts. It all starts with the personal attention when you walk in the door. The great information we can bring or will get if we don't have it. Then the assistance in choosing the exact fit for your needs. We take the time, including going to your home to confirm measurements, to be sure you are confident with your choice. Then we have the VERY best delivery team in southern New England. I put my reputation on that. Whatever appliance you decide on it will be installed as perfect as humanly possible. As I have said before the installation is as critical a step as can be stated. It can determine if you get 25 years or 5 out of that appliance. It is hard to overestimate the forces and loads that bear on an unbalanced washer. And like a washer all other appliances have quirks or peculiarities that make their installation important. We do it right.

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