Is this February?

So who wants a nice big 5 spd boat anchor... Yes, I would really like to move my last snowblower. Buy it now and I will start the warranty NEXT November. Poulan Pros come with 2 years' warranty so it will go to November 2019. Not bad, especially for the price I want. It is a 27 Inch that could go for as high as $1300. We had it for $649, I'll take $599 (or best offer - within reason). Another thing people don't realize is that we offer Hot Water Heaters at a great price. And the best and most reasonable installation cost around. Just like appliances, don't be fooled by the low price alone, or the 'so-called' free delivery. They will get you with the installation cost, or the "add-ons". Like a cord for your new dryer?? Or hoses for your new washer? Many appliances do not come with some bare necessities and that is where they get you. Then there is the "haul away" fee?? Come on... Really? We get one reasonable price and make sure your appliance is installed correctly. Will they take the time to 1, level it. 2, test it. 3, demonstrate it. 4, explain it, 5, secure it. Wait you didn't know that was allowed? Not when you try for 15 deliveries a day. We never do more than 5. Plenty of time to do it right. Go ahead check the back of your range or dryer. Dollars to donuts there is no strain relief on the cord. VERY critical for safety, or at least keeping your appliance from shorting itself out and frying the computer board. So come see us, ya hear!

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