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Spring is coming, I promise

What a crazy month April was weather-wise. Hey, I used that opening last month… Well, it fits. And why not? This is New England. As Samuel Clemens said about New England… You have to love it. And many of us do.

Until we’ve shaken the winter from our heels, many of us are digging out of cabin-fever mode by getting our homes ready for spring and summer entertaining… fixing things that have broken over the winter, and upgrading old styles and fixtures. I’m finding a lot of our customers are calling for repair calls, or just wanting to replace their weary appliances. And why not? Better to do it now than after they break (and you’re on vacation, or the kids are out of school, or you have a house full of guests…)

But knowing you have a good product is only half the battle.  The other is knowing you can trust the service and guarantee that comes with it.

What does ‘good service’ mean to you?

To us, good service good service is the hallmark of our efforts. It starts with the personal attention you’ll get when you walk in the door.

Next comes great information. Our team is knowledgeable about everything appliances—we know our stuff… and if we don’t have an answer, we know how to get the right one… the first time.

Then comes the assistance in choosing the exact fit for your needs. We take the time, including going to your home to confirm measurements, to be sure you are confident with your choice. That’s something you can’t get at the big box stores.

The best delivery team around

Finally, we have the VERY best delivery team in southern New England. I put my reputation on that. Whatever appliance you decide on, it will be installed as perfectly as humanly possible. Installation is by far the most critical step for your new appliance. It can determine if you get 25 years of use, or five. It is hard to overestimate the strain an unbalanced washer can bear. And just like a washing machine, all appliances have quirks or peculiarities that make their installation important. We know our machinery, and we know how to get the job done.  

We do it right. So come see us, ya hear.

Visit Us: 446A Main St, Wakefield, RI 02879

Call Us: 401 284-4108

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