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After spending four years in our 2000 square foot showroom on Main Street in Wakefield, A&B finally expanded to a 7800 square foot showroom next to Benny’s. In celebration of our move, The Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce held an official ribbon cutting ceremony for us on the morning of June 22nd.


Our ribbon-cutting ceremony: What and why?


Ribbon cuttings have traditionally marked a shifting from one stage to another. Ribbons have been used in handfasting and marriage ceremonies, representing a binding of two people and two homes. Ribbons, or tape, keep people from entering certain areas, cordon off buildings, and create boundaries.


Oxford dictionary online defines “ribbon cutting” as: “A ceremonial or formal opening of a building, road, etc., originally and especially by means of cutting a ribbon stretched across the entrance.”

The earliest use Oxford found for the term “ribbon cutting” was 1920s in The Chicago Sunday Tribune. Today, ribbon cutting ceremonies are often orchestrated by Chambers of Commerce to help get the word out about an opening, or reopening, of a local business, such as ours.


We at A&B were so grateful to be joined by Chamber members this June as they honored our new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony of our own.  Please continue to stop by and see all the changes we’ve made since we’ve moved, and stay tuned online to hear about all of our big plans moving forward.


What’s next for A&B

Now that we’ve officially opened in our brand new location, expanding from a mom-and-pop shop to an appliance superstore with a mom-and-pop mentality, what’s next for A&B?


Well, first of all, why build a huge showroom if all we’re going to do is put appliances in it? A&B is your family store, and now we have more opportunities to bring you more of what you want—from our family to yours.


We’re excited to be able to show you more of what we can offer, all in one place.  For example, we can now finally show off our dinette sets that we just didn’t have the room for before. Additionally, we’re going to be able to host more events that help you get better connected with your home, your life, and your neighbors. This month we hosted the Chamber’s First Friday Coffee meeting, and by the fall we’re hoping to have our new kitchen area complete and ready to go with regular cooking demonstrations, tastings and classes.  


Our store is open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 12pm-5pm. Need longer hours? Call the store to make arrangements to meet with a sales associate outside of their normal business hours.


Visit Us: 684 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

Call Us: 401 284-4108



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Join us this Friday, August 4th at 8am as we host the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday coffee and meeting for the month of August.


Relax in our new showroom and enjoy a pastry with your neighbors and local business owners

We’re pleased to have the Chamber with us for this informative and beneficial meeting. We’ll talk a bit about A&B and what we’re doing now that our new location is filling up and filling in. Chef Gabe from Meadowbrook Inn will be sharing the spotlight, as well, telling us about his work, while you enjoy fruit, pastries and his specially made stuffed French toast.


Purpose of these informal meetings is for local people to network with other local business owners and employees—so whether you are a small or large business, or are a resident looking to get more out of what’s already in town, stop on by and discover us.


We know it’s early, so don’t worry there’ll be plenty of coffee, too.

About the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce

According to their website, “The Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce supports and enhances the business community of Southern Rhode Island and creates opportunities for the growth and development of its member businesses.”


The chamber prides itself on being the one opportunity in Southern Rhode Island to bring together the business and professional interests of the community, permitting them to accomplish collectively what none of them could do individually. They support commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of the community through events, education, advocacy and information for businesses, individuals and families throughout the area.

Why join us?

As a non-profit organization, the Chamber of Commerce was established to advance the , and is financed on a voluntary basis, making events such as these an important part of their continued success.  


But more than that, by joining us this Friday, you’ll get an opportunity to meet with business owners like us, and like Meadowbrook Inn, that are here to serve you as members of our community. Business owners will mingle and offer you a chance to ask questions about services and organizations you may have never realized existed, or that you wanted to learn more about, but never had the time to explore.


This event at A&B Family Appliances is a way to meet new people, learn more about your community, and help connect and grow Southern Rhode Island’s most valuable resource—its residents.


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It’s the time of year when we get out of the house, and bring our kitchen to the porch (or deck, or backyard).  It’s grill time!  Are you new to the grilling game?  Maybe you are a local grill-master and want to learn more, or upgrade your equipment.  As always, A&B has you covered.  Here is your comprehensive resource for everything you need to know grill maintenance and tips for cooking with fire.


How to find the perfect grill

Finding the right grill means striking the perfect balance between functionality, features, size and pricing.  Do you know what you need in a grill?  Are you aware of your options?

Here at A&B, we can help you make the final decision, but in the meantime, Consumer Reports tested more than 100 gas grills to discover the best and the worst. In addition to selecting a grill based on budget, their article tells you everything you need to know—from burner type and accessories, to size and features, and even a listing of what consumers have to say about the different brands.  Click here to read the report.


Grill safety

Now that you have the right grill, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using it properly.  Doing so can avoid destruction to your home and yard, unexpected injuries, damage to your grill, and of course, avoid ruining your well-planned party.

The National Fire Protection Agency has a list of general grilling safety tips, what to know before you use your new grill for the first time, and a video showing you how to test your gas grill for leaks.  Click here to read the article.

Meanwhile, this quick safety checklist from Nationwide will make sure you’re running optimally every time you fire up.


Grill maintenance and tips for seasoning

proper seasoning of your grill means better meals

The better you care for your grill, the better it will work for you.  Maintenance is key to the best tasting food you can make, and it starts with making sure your brand new grill is properly prepped before it’s first use.  Check out this article for tips on what you should do before firing it up for the first time.

Although seasoning your grill may not affect the flavor of your food the same way seasoning a cast iron pan does, proper seasoning and maintenance will make sure your food cooks perfectly each time, and will prolong the life of your burners and grates.  Check out this article from Char-Broil, and start cooking with fire!

Finally, keeping that beautiful stainless steel finish may not be imperative to the quality of your food, but it definitely looks great, and helps improve the lifespan of your grill.  This article from Napoleon Grills offers tips for keeping yours shiny and clean all year round. Looking for grill or stainless steel cleaners? Stop by our store and let us help you choose the right one.


Grilling Tips

finding the grilling tips that work for you means all-around happy guests.

You’re not the only one who likes to grill.  So does the team here at A&B!  Because we are locally and family oriented, we thought we’d share our best tips on how to grill a great meal—from our family to yours.

John Dupre, from our delivery and maintenance team said, “I like to make sure that meats are marinated. It brings added flavor to your food, and makes meats more tender.”

Communications coordinator, Danielle Rose, believes the key to great grilling is prep. “Start your marinade the night before, put out everything you need before it’s time to fire the grill, and keep your fridge organized so that the food you need is in the order it needs to come out. Use Ziplock bags, and throw away or immediately wash anything that’s touched raw food. That way everything goes smoothly when it’s time to cook, dinner gets served on time, and clean-up is a breeze!”

Tim McDavitt from our sales team believes timing is everything when it comes to grill-perfect food. He said for food to come out perfect, it needs to be timed.

A quick online search will give you recommendations for other cuts, sizes, and grilling options (fish, chicken, vegetables). For a one pound london broil, Tim will cook it on medium-high heat for seven minutes on one side, then flip it and grill for four minutes on the other side.  An additional two minutes on each side results in a medium temperature and an all-around perfect compromise for all your guests. Find the right heat, temperature and timing that works for you, and stick to it!

Looking for a great recipe for the grill?  Napoleon Grills’ recipe for pineapple rum BBQ glazed chicken sounds so good, you won’t want to wait for your next party to try it out.


A&B for all your grilling needs

Of course we have the perfect grill for you!  Come to our brand new showroom on Kingstown Rd. in Wakefield, and check out our in-stock selection of made-in-North-America Napoleon grills, as well as Broil King grills in stock now.  What a better gift for your Dad or grad.  A grill is the gift that keeps giving all summer (and winter!) long.  Let us help you find the right one for your needs today.


Visit Us: 684 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

Call Us: 401 284-4108


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We at A&B Family Appliances have been working night and day to move into our new location next to Benny’s on Kingstown Road in Wakefield.  We’ve worked hard for this move and expansion, and now that we’re finally settling in, we’re excited to share the fruits of our labor with you during A&B’s Grand Opening family celebration.

Now, let’s celebrate!

Join us on Friday, June 30th and see what the hubbub about our new location is all about.  Now that we have four times more space, you’ll be able to see and touch a wider variety of products, get a sense of what your kitchen will look like with your new appliances, and take home your purchases right away (or schedule delivery at your convenience with the best delivery team in southern New England).

We’ll be grilling, partying and giving away great prizes and deep discounts all day long, so whether you are in the market for a new appliance, want to avoid turning on the oven, or are for a celebration, please come on down.


What’s a family celebration that’s fun for all ages

As a thank you for all of the support our friends, family, and customers have provided throughout the years, we will be celebrating Friday afternoon with great discounts, raffles, food and fun for the entire family. The best part? It’s free! We’ll be barbecuing, and offering storewide discounts throughout the event, and are giving away a grand prize 60” plasma TV! So don’t miss out!

Hope to see you then!

Details: Grand Opening Celebration Friday, June 30th 1-5pm

A&B Family Appliances 684 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

401 284-4108



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Spring was a bit chilly and wet, but summer is finally here!  Be ready for the really good weather when it comes. Whether it’s having that first cookout or barbecue, or having guests over to see your new kitchen appliances. There is still some good outdoor summer values out there as the “slow” season winds down.


Have you heard the news? A&B Has Moved!

This is our biggest news yet—A&B Appliances has moved to a (much) bigger location!  We have finally cleaned out the old store, and are settling into the old Boater’s World space next to Benny’s on Kingstown Rd in Wakefield. All this settling will take some time, but soon we’ll have the the largest appliance showroom in southern RI. Yes, bigger than Sears, HD or Lowes.  

Thanks to our new location, A&B is an even better resource for helping you find great value and get you the very best appliances to fit your needs. With all this great space, you’ll be able to touch the item you want and get a feel for the layout of your new kitchen. We are continually bringing in a number of new items and displays. If we didn’t have it before, we will soon! It may take a short while for us to get there, but we will.


Why go local?

In today’s market it can be difficult to know where to go or who to trust. Although big name brands often offer great products, their customer service may be lacking, making it difficult to know which is the best fit for you and your home.  

A&B Family Appliances is different.  We realize that the right appliance helps keep your home running efficiently.  As summer approaches, having an easy way to keep your family and friends entertained, while maintaining a clean and organized home, allows you to spend quality time with those that you care about.

Although our showroom is now four times bigger, that doesn’t mean we still can’t get you the exact appliance you desire, even if it’s not out for display—or on our website for that matter! Regardless of where we are, customer service has always been, and continues to be, our number one priority.


What does ‘good service’ mean to you?


To us good service is the hallmark of our efforts. It all starts with personal attention when you walk in the door… The great information we bring to the table… Then the assistance in choosing the exact fit for your needs…


We take the time, including going to your home to confirm measurements, to be sure you are confident with your choice. Then we have the very best delivery team in southern New England. I put my reputation on that. Whatever appliance you decide on it will be installed as perfect as humanly possible. As I have said before, the installation is as critical a step as can be stated. It can determine if you get 25 years or 5 out of that appliance. It is hard to overestimate the forces and loads that bear on an unbalanced washer. And like a washing machine, all other appliances have quirks or peculiarities that make their installation important. We do it right.



Visit Us: 684 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

Call Us: 401 284-4108



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Spring is coming, I promise

What a crazy month April was weather-wise. Hey, I used that opening last month… Well, it fits. And why not? This is New England. As Samuel Clemens said about New England… You have to love it. And many of us do.

Until we’ve shaken the winter from our heels, many of us are digging out of cabin-fever mode by getting our homes ready for spring and summer entertaining… fixing things that have broken over the winter, and upgrading old styles and fixtures. I’m finding a lot of our customers are calling for repair calls, or just wanting to replace their weary appliances. And why not? Better to do it now than after they break (and you’re on vacation, or the kids are out of school, or you have a house full of guests…)

But knowing you have a good product is only half the battle.  The other is knowing you can trust the service and guarantee that comes with it.

What does ‘good service’ mean to you?

To us, good service good service is the hallmark of our efforts. It starts with the personal attention you’ll get when you walk in the door.

Next comes great information. Our team is knowledgeable about everything appliances—we know our stuff… and if we don’t have an answer, we know how to get the right one… the first time.

Then comes the assistance in choosing the exact fit for your needs. We take the time, including going to your home to confirm measurements, to be sure you are confident with your choice. That’s something you can’t get at the big box stores.

The best delivery team around

Finally, we have the VERY best delivery team in southern New England. I put my reputation on that. Whatever appliance you decide on, it will be installed as perfectly as humanly possible. Installation is by far the most critical step for your new appliance. It can determine if you get 25 years of use, or five. It is hard to overestimate the strain an unbalanced washer can bear. And just like a washing machine, all appliances have quirks or peculiarities that make their installation important. We know our machinery, and we know how to get the job done.  

We do it right. So come see us, ya hear.

Visit Us: 446A Main St, Wakefield, RI 02879

Call Us: 401 284-4108