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Have you ever thrown a few extra items in your dryer, hoping it will save you a bit of time and money? Don’t do it!  Overloading your dryer is not only a bad idea for your clothes, but also for your dryer… and your home.  All-in-all, keeping your loads a manageable size, both in the washer and the dryer is the best option.

Here are the top five reasons why overloading your dryer is a very bad idea, courtesy of Brand Source:

Five reasons not to overload your dryer

More Wrinkles

When you stuff too many clothes into your dryer, they can’t tumble freely. The result is a longer drying time and more wrinkles in your shirts, pants, sheets, and other types of laundry.

More Lint

More clothes in the dryer means more lint, which builds up in the lint trap. This prevents… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
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